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Shark Research Trip to the Gulf of Mexico

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Shark Research Trip to the Gulf of Mexico

Dr. A. J. Godknecht, Dr. G. D. Guex

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Sharks in Research and Industry

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Pathological changes caused by fish hooks on the blue shark (Prionace glauca)

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Europe considers prohibiting finning

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Spinner Shark

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Hai-Forschungsreise in den Golf von Mexiko

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The Oregon II, a former fishing vessel, is one of the research vessels of NOAA.

© A. Godknecht / Shark Foundation

In 1993 a Fish Management Plan was put into force by the U.S. for its coastal waters and since then the American government has been monitoring results with annual investigations. Part of the plan also includes analyzing the species composition and frequency of shark populations.

In August Dr. Gaston D. Guex and I had the opportunity to do precisely such scientific volunteer work on board the Oregon II and thus to gain firsthand project experience.



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