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Mexico: Poachers slaughter thousands of sharks in underwater park

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Mexico: Drift net poachers slaughter thousands of sharks in unique underwater park

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The Marine Stewardship Council

Dr. A. J. Godknecht

  Article 2:

Investigating surfboard accidents

Dr. E. K. Ritter

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New Shark Info Web Server

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Scalloped Hammerhead Shark

Dr. E. K. Ritter

New Shark Info Web Server

Report by Shark Info

On June 12 we activated the new Shark Info web server, after having completely revised and redesigned our web pages and improving the user interface.

All Shark Infos can now be called up and viewed using a text search and are summarized in a complete and clearly arranged index. Brief International News can be sorted by subject, contents and date in a special search page.

As usual you can login with your name and password in the media and member area. This allows you to read the latest two Shark Infos online or to download them onto your computer in PDF format (a link to the Acrobat Reader Installation is found on the respective pages). The red links are only accessible in the media and member area of the website. You can still change your Login Name and Password in the zone protected by password, plus you can register yourself in the E-mail distribution list. Another new feature is the possibility of checking the postal address to which Shark Info is sent. If the address is no longer up-to-date, please E-mail or fax us your changes.

Enhancing our new website appearance is the opportunity to read Brief International News and Shark Info in English (as of the 2/98 issue).

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On this occasion Shark Info would like to thank the Erlenmeyer Foundation for Animals (Basel), the Shark Foundation and Shark Info members for supporting our work and for having made all this possible.

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